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Data shows that productivity is higher with a remote office.

As many companies are urging their employees back into the office, many are noticing that productivity often declines when doing so.  But how could this be?  It has always been agreed on that employees are less productive when at home.  Well recent data shows that we may have been wrong about that all these years.  Productivity actually rose when offices closed their doors and is currently falling now that those doors are reopening.

There are many possible factors involved in the regression.  “Quiet quitting,” for example, is often noted, which is the concept of an employee performing the bare minimum of their duties.  Companies believe that the reason for this is a drop in morale when being forced back into the office after one has been spoiled by remote work.

This is a relatively new issue and companies are scrambling to find solutions.  As for now, it is still a work in progress.