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The New York City Economic Development Corporation is encouraging proposals from the property technology industry to help make buildings more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.   The Mayor’s office for Sustainability along with the New York City Housing Authority are looking over pitches from these “proptech” firms whose agenda is to modernize housing complexes.

Construction management is one area likely to benefit from these proptech advancements. OnSiteIQ, a construction intelligence platform can provide real time visibility on a construction site. This gives developers complete clarity on the progress of a site, inspired by Google maps. It eliminates communication gaps. Additionally, they will have the “film” of the construction for the long term which enables future changes to be made with a full understanding of what exists behind every wall.

If the property is sold, the film comes with it. New owners can see how the building was constructed.  Firefighters and Department of Buildings inspectors can access it as well, enabling state of the art evacuation plans and safety precautions (and government intrusion!)

New York buildings are entering a futuristic era.  It is a great time to get space or embark on a new development. Contact GE Grace with your real estate questions. Call us at 646 312 6800 or email Grace@GEGrace.com.