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Big tech has not allowed the pandemic to impact their office space acquisitions in New York.  Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are all showing massive signs of faith in the restoration of New York as they all have recently acquired enough space to hold more than 22,000 employees collectively. Amazon paid $1 billion for New York’s landmark Lord & Taylor building. They plan on a workforce of nearly 2,000 employees for this location.  Amazon has acquired 2 million square feet of office space and has created large distribution facilities in the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

Together these tech giants have recently hired more than 2,600 employees in New York City – bringing their employment in NYC to over 22,000 employees.  They are showing faith in New York City and its large talent pool.  Google is on board to bring in another 14,000 employees in New York City in the coming years and will base them in Chelsea. Interestingly the make-up of these employees is changing. The newly onboarded New York employees are mainly developers and engineers.

Change is constant, and these are positive jolts to the future of New York.

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