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Getting Out of the City and Into Paradise

Getting Out of the City and Into Paradise by George Grace

Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the curves of a quiet country road surrounded by bursts of yellows, reds and a last touch of green? It truly is a pleasure to drive in and out of rock formations, farmland, and forests – with bends and rises just gentle enough to let you satisfy your need for speed.

When I spend time at my place in the Catskill Mountains, approximately 2.5 hours from New York, I notice a world of difference in terms of geography, topography, and economics. I’ve also noticed changes in the way I understand the real estate industry and my outlook on life in general.

Being in the country, surrounded by mountains, deer, coyotes, pheasants and turkeys in a spacious environment, is a great way to put life in the city into perspective. The peace of the countryside, and the broader perspective it engenders, is beneficial when dealing with difficult negotiations, because it helps me make better decisions. 

Getting Out of the City and Into Paradise by George Grace

In the city, one is constantly being confronted with various types of people, sights and sounds. Over some time, those sorts of things start to build up, and it’s hard to maintain your peace of mind. When you’re in the country it’s so much easier to be centered.

You realize that there is a larger world out there, and in my case it helps me to put things into their proper perspective. Going away reinvigorates that thought process, so when you go back into the city you have a better handle on what is important and what’s not, what matters and what doesn’t.

And once you’ve done all that, you’ll find that you enjoy getting back to the city, as well.

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