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Companies are beginning to care for their employees’ mental health. Ad agencies in particular are becoming more generous with their time off policies. If you want to attract top talent, not only are flexible work arrangements necessary, time off to destress is now the norm. 

Ad agencies such as Martin (Geico commercial creators), The Many (Coca Cola), Mediabrands, and Kinesso are all now closing for a full week around Labor Day. Adding to the mix is LinkedIn, Hearst Magazines, Intuit and Bumble, which are all now offering employees extended breaks.

The finance industry is even trending in the direction of time off for employees. JP Morgan Chase wants its junior bankers to work less time on weekends. They also mentioned hiring more employees to lighten the workload.

The pandemic brought burnout to the forefront – something employees feel across a wide range of industries. Sadly not every industry is well equipped to offer time off or increased staffing to support their employees – especially retail, hospitality and restaurants.

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