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Who says old age homes should only be open to those in their mid sixties? Intergenerational housing – the mixing of ages in “old age” homes turns out to be much healthier both physically and psychologically. Older folks do not prefer to be surrounded by older folks all the time.

Both baby boomers and generation X are not interested in spending their final years surrounded by only those their own (old) age. They want a mixed population, with activities.

Cantina Communities was founded on these principles – avoiding the feel of the typical “old age” home. The plan consists of small rental homes with advanced technology to unite residents, like shared calendars to plan activities. The homes will have a modern design and porches. Cantina Communities will be a part of the larger community as well – most importantly, not just a stand-alone senior housing development.

Singapore has the best example of housing those 55 and older so far. Residential towers for those 55 and older are tied to gardens, a shopping plaza, and food vendors – attracting the entire neighborhood to the area. The seniors are living in the center of the excitement.

Senior housing doesn’t have to feel so senior. With healthcare advancements, our lifespans are extending and with the right innovation, technology and design will add excitement to that extension.

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