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There is an article written by Global Workplace Analytics suggesting that 3.6% of the US  workforce worked at home half-time or more prior to CV-19.  (I have seen other estimates of over 5%.) Presently, the number of folks working from home (more than half-time) is estimated to be 56%.)  Where will it be in the future? I think it is all but certain that 3.6% is history.  Most employees that work from home are office workers.  If the percentage of stay at home workers goes up, that will directly impact the need for office space.  The question is whether that number is large enough to negatively impact the capital structure of office building ownership.  Will we have a repeat of the 1986-1995 meltdown of the office market?  (See https://globalworkplaceanalytics.com/work-at-home-after-covid-19-our-forecast)