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The future of work is upon us. Now is a great time to be a member of the workforce. Trends are emerging as the hybrid model becomes the norm.

Employers are valuing employee mental health.  For example, paid time off for employees to work on a passion project is now commonplace. Employers want happy, productive employees and minimal turnover. Burnt out employees are less productive, negatively affect morale and tend to leave.

Flexible work arrangements are becoming nonnegotiable contractual requirements of many employees. Making workers come into the office every day and you are almost guaranteed to lose talent.  This may not hold up as much in a soft labor market, but the labor market is very tight right now.

One of the benefits to employers is that they can now hire top talent in any geographic area. No need for employees to endure a long commute or relocate. And the result of workforce dispersion? The need for flexible coworking spaces in towns where employees live.

This leads into the next unintended benefit—suburban revitalization. With the freedom for employees to live in any area they chose results in more economic activity in those suburban locations—at the expense of the central business districts.

What do headquarter offices look like in today’s market? Envision modern spaces, designed solely for collaboration and well-being of employees. Cubicle farms are out, lounge style office space with bars are in.

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