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Co-housing in the Netherlands is a popular option to combat loneliness, live sustainably, and reduce the rising costs of living. Co-housing can embody a wide arrangement of living situations: a group of middle-aged adults living together in an old farmhouse, or merging 3-4 generations under a single roof.

One example is Qville, a 4 acre development in Essen, Belgium, built on what was previously a horse stable. Qville is made up of 44 net zero homes with private gardens and terraces. It offers a communal swimming pool and 3 shared electric cars. Residents here are late middle-aged couples who enjoy their neighbors and the activities Qville offers – such as the gardening club.

Zoelmond in the Netherlands is the base of a farmhouse also used for co-housing. Here, multiple generations of one family live together to help one another through each stage of life. The proximity to healthy adults is a great benefit for the older generation, who also help with child care.

Co-housing, along with co-working space is the way of the future. Benefits come from sharing spaces and bringing people together. Now is the time for innovation of space use.