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Dear Friends,

We do not have to remind you of the challenges of 2020 (which we just did), but we do want to thank all of our readers and those who took the time to comment on our Knowledge Blog—the KNOG!

First, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

We live in challenging times, but a quick review of history will not surprise us that most times offer difficulties and threats.  The 20th century was rife with wars, pestilence, and unholy passions.  Until each of us can find peace in our hearts, mankind will live with strife and uncertainty. 

The 20th century was also filled with giants of science (i.e. Einstein), leadership (i.e. Churchill)  and spirituality (i.e. Mother Teresa).   The list can go on and on with each of us choosing the field and the person who most affected our life.  We truly stand on the shoulders of giants, but only if we learn and heed their message.

We have to remind ourselves that we have overcome many challenges in the past and we will overcome COVID-19 as well.   The silver lining, if there is one, is that we are much more attuned to our friends, family and loved ones.  The love of friend and family is the foundation to the reaching out to stranger and enemy providing hope for the future. 

While commercial real estate consulting and brokerage is our profession, which we strive to perform with excellence, our true value comes through the connections and relationships we create with our community.

Again, have a wonderful year!

George E. Grace