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Introducing David Valdez by George Grace

Introducing David Valdez

Goldman Sachs alum David Valdez officially joined Mohr Partners as a Managing Director last month to support our mission of advising our clients to navigate the complex world of New York City commercial real estate with our strategic representation and market analysis. 

In addition to working at Goldman, David has amassed years of experience at Cushman Wakefield and CBRE. He brings with him a whole new dimension to what we’re doing at Mohr Partners, including: 

  • How to structure effective transactions while measuring costs on a profit and loss basis;
  • Navigating complex real estate requirements;
  • Experience reviewing and evaluating real estate-related acquisition targets;
  • Measuring and reporting comparative total occupancy costs on a cash and book basis; and,
  • A history of negotiating large leases for corporations and nonprofits in Manhattan and nationwide. 

What’s more, David’s presence enables us to concentrate on what we do best: creating the proper perspectives and strategies for our clients by looking at the “big picture.” 

Commercial spaces take a long time to get, are expensive to keep, and difficult to get rid of when you want to get rid of it. It pays dividends to get it right the first time—and that’s what Mohr Partners does best: gain a holistic look at real estate from the corporate occupier’s perspective. 

To find out more about how Mohr Partners can help you find the right space, with the right terms—and at the right price—contact us today.

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