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Marx Realty recently purchased a $100,000 electric Porsche Taycan to lure in tenants to their 10 Grand Central office tower. The Porsche, known as the Marx mobile, will drive the building’s 20 office tenants around Midtown, from 8th Avenue to the East River and between 14th to 65th streets.


The service is beginning this week. Marx will be picking up prospective lessees in the vehicle for tours.


Tenants can rent the car on a first come, first serve basis for 40 minutes at a time using Marx’s in house property app. It fits 4 people along with a chauffeur. If it becomes popular, Marx will expand the service with additional cars.


Marx CEO, Craig Deitelzweig, believes the Porsche service is meant to make the property feel more like a hotel and less like an office building.