Traditionally, real estate brokers represent the seller or landlord.  Your friendly neighbor that is selling the property across the street represents the seller.  Even though she ingratiates herself with you, her goal is to sell the house and collect a commission.  She may be nice, but she does not represent your  interests.

In the commercial real estate world, it was only in the 1980’s when office rents were becoming very expensive that corporations took notice of their real estate costs.  Again, the nice real estate broker, like her residential brethren, ingratiated herself with the CEO and the CEO dutifully leased space.   The fact that the space was not a fit was immaterial to the broker.  She was working for the landlord.  She got paid.

During that period of escalating rents and high cost of construction a new breed of real estate brokers took shape. They saw the corporate tenant make bad deals and realized that the law firm, the accounting firm,  the corporation needed to be professionally represented.   Today, 30 years later, real estate brokers that only represent tenants has truly arrived.

Tenant representation was created to “level the playing field” so that landlords negotiate fairly and in earnest.  With a real estate expert representing you, the tenant is able to leverage the market and negotiate a superior deal rather than being “brokered” with a company that, at best, has divided loyalty.

The tenant only real estate market has become much more sophisticated since its inception.  We believe your business should work seamlessly with  your real estate.  However, real estate takes a long time to get, is expensive to hold and difficult to get rid of.  Businesses move quicker.

It is like the story of tortoise and the hare.  The hare is fast (like business) and the tortoise is slow (like real estate).  Our job is to make sure that they hit the finish line at the same time.

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