Nuts & Bolts


Mohr Partners and George E. Grace provide real estate market knowledge, transaction experience and negotiating strategies to help you achieve their goals.

This section is provided to give you an understanding of the steps involved in a single transaction.  We have also included a Real Estate Primer which provides a basic understanding of the terms and vocabulary often heard in commercial real estate transactions.

We welcome your questions and comments and look forward to working with you.  Also understand the timing (When to call Mohr?) and call us if you are considering a move (Moving?).

Step 1:  Build your team.

Step 2: Define your needs.

Step 3: Evaluate the market.

Step 4: Evaluate each option in detail.

Step 5: Negotiate among the preferred choices.

Step 6: Decide on the best option and prepare legal documentation.

Step 7: Construction Phase

Step 8: Move-in.