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Call or write to ask us any questions regarding REAL ESTATE including rental rates, negotiating strategy, and the leasing process (from start to finish).

Deciding on a new office or renegotiating your current lease starts with an understanding of your goals.  The better we understand your business and your direction, the better and faster we are able to get you and your company to the best result.

Our expertise involves the identification of options, their analysis and the negotiation of lease terms including the rental rate, electric costs, services furnished by the landlord (i.e. cleaning, elevator, security, etc), construction for the tenant and construction prior to the tenant’s work (i.e. base building work).  Once a lease is signed, we follow up to make sure that the landlord does the work they agreed to perform.  We make sure your move is smooth from inception to move in.  See

Please call George Grace at 646-312-6800 or email at  We look forward to hearing from you.