Strategic is the most overused word in business.

We like to start with your vision.  Where do you want to be, and when?

For fast growing tech companies, they know they have to attract talent.  Getting space in a hip location with loft like space is a given.  Planning for rapid growth is more challenging.  You can hire fifty people over night but getting space for them can take months.  We craft real estate transactions that minimizes costs, maximize flexibility and lets you get to your work as fast as possible.

Many companies with whom we work have a “business” vision that has to be articulated into a real estate requirement.  We define their needs by inspecting buildings and spaces with them and gauging their reactions.   We can then pinpoint their true needs are.  Our experience is that many companies need to “kick the tires” so they can get a better sense of what they want.

For the company with a portfolio of real estate, the foundation for making wise real estate decisions is good information.  Having a manageable database enables us to manage such tasks as cutting costs, removing redundancies, or consolidating into a new headquarters.   It is about creating options and opportunities.

Our services are available for a company with a plan and those who need one.